Preparing environment

To follow the tutorials you will need to follow these steps and prepare your environment


  • Run the following commands
# For Ubuntu
# Install pip if not available
$ cd mydir/
$ wget
$ sudo python

# (Optional) Install virtualenv if you want to keep your project dependencies isolated 
# from the rest of the system
$ sudo pip install virtualenv virtualenvwrapper
$ virtualenv dsproj
$ source dsproj/bin/activate

# install dependencies
$ pip install requests
$ pip install opencv-python scipy numpy


  • Go to Windows python download page and download either version 3 or 2.
  • While installing don’t forget to check the Add to PATH setting. This will allow you to invoke python from any command line.
  • Also select pip in your installation if you are prompted by the installer.

Python Installation Windows

  • Next, run pip install opencv-python scipy numpy on a terminal window to install opencv, scipy and numpy packages

You are now ready to follow the tutorials!